bound to feel badly

Yesterday we went to my aunt and uncle’s (on my dad’s side) for Easter brunch and an egg hunt. My aunt Cherie and I got into a conversation about how much my great grandfather looked like my dad and how much I resemble them as well. Which was quite hard to imagine: family members look alike? She took me up her stairwell which is lined with framed photos and into the master bedroom which displayed a very serious old picture of my great grandfather – which did indeed resemble my father – and me.

On our way back down the stairs I pointed to a framed photo of a baby wailing and said it was my favorite of all. She told me it was my dad and I said I loved it. She took it off the wall and handed it to me.

Later in the day I heard my uncle say WHAT PICTURE DID YOU GIVE HER? So of course I felt guilty and offered to give it back …but it brought back memories of Easter two years ago when I found the golden egg -worth $20- instead of one of the kids. I never heard the end of it and I didn’t even take the cash. Needless to say, this year, I only searched for hard boiled eggs but still left their house feeling bad about the picture.

Also, the Easter cake said HAPPY EASTES.

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