South Park hearts Britney

South Park is one of the best shows on television right now. If you don’t believe me and you’re smart enough to get it – then tune into Comedy Central on Wednesday nights.

If you caught the new episode last night (or heard about it) then you know it was about Britney Spears. But technically, it was about the paparazzi and the media and the terrible people who buy gossip magazines and tune into blogs like (which I do). We are killing these poor celebrities. And yes, it’s true. But who cares? They ask for it, right? If they didn’t, they wouldn’t call the paparazzo before they leave the house to tell them where they will be in the next hour. Kill them till they’re dead! – one of my mom’s exes used to say.

What I found most awesome about the entire thing is that “Britney” does not need “Spears” any longer. She is famous enough to go only by Britney which means she is in the ranks with Madonna, Cher and the likes. Even Christina needs “Aguilara” still and sometimes even Mariah still needs “Carey”. Hail headless Britney!

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