Really, Ambre?

Come On! There is no way Bret Michaels would ever, EVER date Ambre! He wouldn’t even give her a second glance if he saw her walking down the street! My guess is that Ambre MUST have been paid by VH1 – from day one, when he “almost” sent her home.

Rock of Love Season III – I see you coming! HO SHO!

Luckily, I caught the 6pm showing (on DirecTV – we have NY scheduling) because at around 7:50pm, while Pep was walking Bebop, our power went out. And after standing in the kitchen in only a towel for a few minutes – with the oven still on cooking cinnamon rolls, I realized – THE POWER WAS NOT COMING BACK ON. Suddenly a beep, beep, beep came from the hallway and immediately I thought it was a bomb. TURN OFF THE OVEN! WHERE IS PEP? WHY IS HE TAKING SO LONG? IS HE DEAD? IS THERE A KILLER IN OUR HOUSE? WE ARE GOING TO DIE! LIGHTER. CANDLES. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON. LEROY, STAY.

Pep finally came back and fixed the beeping (an old alarm system) – which meant there was no bomb and no killer on the loose (at least not in our house), and the crazy in my head settled down. We have no flashlight but at least 10 light sabers – which finally came in handy. But, now what?

We were just about to watch Walk Hard and now we were just sitting there with our thumbs up our butts – in a dark, but candle lit, room – with buzzing light sabers in our hands.

It’s funny when the power goes out for more than five minutes. It really defines how connected to electricity we are. Which makes me want solar paneling even more now.

So, we smoked a J on our roof with the light sabers in our mitts and went to sleep.

The power came back on just after midnight and woke us up – of course! …damn power.

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  • Kathy

    April 16, 2008 | Reply

    Seriously…Daisy is SO his type. And what the heck happened to the pink haired girl from last season. I liked her.

  • Kathy

    April 17, 2008 | Reply

    Hey thanks! I’m really enjoying your blog too!!

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