SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA!The Mother/Daughter saga continues

Well, it’s done. I finally FINALLY had the talk screaming match with my mother …and it wasn’t pleasant.

It began yesterday afternoon, shortly after another wedding dress shopping trip – just outside the store on the street corner. If you’re from the Valley or familiar with it, we were on the SE corner of Magnolia and Witsett and at one point, while she was yelling and sobbing and trying to defend herself instead of listen to me, I looked over and saw three men in their cars with their windows down, staring at us, waiting for the light to turn green. I chuckled to myself at the spectacle we must have been making.

I was trying to stay calm. Trying to put things in perspective and in a way that she could hear instead of FREAKING OUT ABOUT. I used words like “I’m having a difficult time with this” and “I just want to get it out there so we don’t have tension anymore”. She heard YOU’RE A BAD MOTHER and I HATE YOUR FUCKING GUTS. I used my hands to gesture my frustration at one point and she flinched a bit – which she has done before in a fight – thinking I am going to hit her – which is NEVER the case. But now she can tell the story that way instead – which she has done before as well. I don’t know why I actually expect her to act like an adult. She fails every time.

After about ten minutes of talking fighting, my mother finally flew her hands up in the air and yelled I’M JUST A HORRIBLE PERSON AND A HORRIBLE MOTHER AND I’M NEVER GOING TO DO ANYTHING RIGHT, MAEGAN – and stormed off to her car crying. I stood there, on the corner, shaking my head in wonderment. I took a deep breath, waited for the crosswalk signal, then crossed the street got into my car AND IMMEDIATELY DIALED HER CELL!

This was not over. I was not about to let her just walk off making it about her AGAIN and not seeing the truth in this matter.

We screamed for the next ten minutes it took me to get home. Then I sat in the car for another hour or so outside our condo trying to get her to understand my point of view OR ANYTHING AT ALL while she continued to defend her actions instead of taking responsibility for ANYTHING AT ALL. I’m sure there were mean jabs thrown in (from both sides) just because that’s what people do when they’re angry and I’m sure she blocked out the rest of the conversation and honed in on only these things and ran with them as well.

Her side of the story probably goes something like this: Maegan ATTACKED me outside the store and TOLD ME I AM A BAD MOTHER AND A HORRIBLE PERSON and TRIED TO HIT ME!

I’m 99% positive that she still does not get it. But I feel much better.

It is to be determined whether or not Pep and I will be attending her wedding in two weeks.

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