Project Runway …f*ck yeah!

Omg can I tell you how excited I am for the new season of Project Runway? Really excited. … more to come

The show was good. However, after they got their first challenge and went running through the grocery store to pick up whatever materials they were going to use to make their garment, they all came streaming out of the store gripping bunches of yellow plastic bags. I kind of honed in on this for a while because what a perfect opportunity for Project Runway to show that they are doing something for the environment by using canvas tote bags instead of creating more waste with plastic. Not to mention all the waste that came from the materials they used.

Who can take this guy seriously? Seriously.

I’m excited for the contestants. I think some of them have great potential. I loved the cup dress, and the yellow kimono dress with the veggie neckline. I LOVED the print the bleach made on the vacuum cleaner bags but I wish she would have used more for the top instead of coffee filters.

SPOILER ALERT. I think the leather lady should have gone home. At least the guy who created the horror film outfit had creative potential.

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  • Ashley

    July 17, 2008 | Reply

    I’m not going to read this because I have a DVR waiting for me to watch Project Runway, but I just want to say: I’M SO EXCITED!! BEST SHOW EVER! IS BACK!



  • Maegan

    July 18, 2008 | Reply

    Oh, it is SOOOO GOOD

  • Ashley

    July 21, 2008 | Reply

    Okay! Now I can read this post. :)

    YES!!! I’m so glad someone else was distracted by the plastic bags! Haha, serioussssly. They could have even had STYLISH totes or something. They’re creative people, right?!

    And I loved the veggie kimono as well. It was so well made and just beautiful. I agree, the vacuum bag dress was ADORABLE, but the coffee filters on top? Not so much. It looked cartoonish.

    Oh I’m SO EXCITED for this season!! :)

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