Morning Shows

I’m on my first real post Christmas vacation day and while I have a to-do list a foot long, I can’t seem to get out of the sleep haze of yesterday where I think I actually slept 18 of the 24 total hours.

I’m drinking coffee and watching morning shows which are kind of eye-opening because I’ve never really watched morning shows. And in the short amount of time I have just wasted watching, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are absolutely ridiculous. Cheese factor: ELEVEN . . .but somehow, I cannot. stop. watching. Which has got me wondering if they slip MSG in them somehow?

Jessica Simpson is on Rachel Ray …and honestly, I cannot decide who is more annoying.

Jessica {who keeps making fart and poop jokes and laughing hysterically at them} has “surprised” Rachel with her own Chicken & Dumpling recipe in which she has no idea what a dumpling actually is and no idea how to roll the chicken in the bread and/or how to explain how to make the dish at all. I mean, who told her it was a smart idea to bring a recipe and pretend that she knows how to cook anything at all? {especially someone who doesn’t know the difference between chicken and tuna}. I know, old reference, but clearly still relevant.

I think Rachel is now making fun of her. Rachel’s voice is so horse and raspy I’m wondering if she screams on purpose just to wear out her vocal cords to get it that way. It is not her real voice. The only other explanation I can conjure up is that she’s a professional cheerleader for the Cowboys and was hoping that her screaming would help them beat the Eagles yesterday …no such luck.

So I guess Rachel wins the most annoying category and Jessica wins the just plain dumb category … and I feel badly for her, Jessica that is, because it really is she, who gives herself a bad name …and she seems like such a nice girl too.

The first contestant on the Price is Right just won a car . . .and did a backflip. They may have changed hosts but they still have the absolute worst prizes. It MUST be a joke by this point because when the announcer introduced the “doughnut maker” Drew C. laughed at it.

I gotta go. I’m becoming addicted to morning shows in one day’s time! And if I’m not careful, I will sit here all day.

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