It’s that time of year again. Out with the old and in with the new. I usually reserve this activity for June when my birthday rolls around but it’s hard to avoid reflection at the end of the year as well.

I started browsing my computer photo folders and this is what I’ve learned:

* The year husband and I got married {2006} we were more active socially than ever. The photo above is New Year’s 2006. Tonight we are going out for sushi and going to sit our butts down on the couch and watch movies. I’m excited. I think you know you’re old when you do not care about going out and celebrating New Year’s. Or maybe it’s just me. I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life. I’ve been going out since I was 17 years old. Been there. Done that. It’s all the same. Maybe it’s time to move.

* I look better tanner and blonder. *Must work on that.

* I used to take sexy/naughty pictures of myself for my husband and email them to him. I realized just now that the last time I did it was 2006. Poor husband.

My brother and his wife celebrated their first wedding anniversary at the end of September and Pep and I celebrated two years married together at the beginning of September …wow time flies.

frenchie on the doghouse, french bulldog
LeRoy prefers the top of the doghouse.

This is what I look like with a baby in my arms …in 2005 …okay, it’s my goddaughter, Avery and this is her mom . . .

my cousin Kell …I lub them!

After a year and a half of “trying” to get pregnant naturally without success, I have come to the conclusion that small dogs make better children than actual children. We will continue to have sex and he will continue to sperminate me {because why not at this point?} but I will not be expecting anything. No pun intended. I do not want to take any drugs or go through the hell that is infertility. I am okay with adopting babies later on rather than forcing them now. The world is overpopulated anyway. I am happy with this decision.

This is the best celebrity photo I’ve ever seen.

heath ledger, michelle williams
RIP Heath

No, wait. This is.

My husband’s grandma passed away in October of this year and I am so happy to have found a photo of her and I together. My husband never picks up the camera so I have to hand it to him for this one. Although, it is his two absolute favorite women in the world … :) Love you baby.

grandma, christmas, thanksgiving dinner, maegan
November 2006

My Mom got married to Barry in May.

…and our two year fight ended shortly after

I had many fun Saturday nights with this lovely lady

Because of this blog {and possibly Facebook}, two of my very good friends from my past have found me. My mom has now been able to reconnect with her friend as well. For that, I am grateful.

from left: Me, and Rebecca c., 1987-88

from left: Me, Erin, my dad @ Disneyland, c., 1983
{this was my favorite outfit EVER}

boys never grow up

Boys never grow up.

Please notice NOT ONLY the orange juice glass directly on the couch almost tipping over but eating straight out of the pot, which is also on the couch and probably still hot. I am nervous just looking at this photo. Men, this is why woman are considered “nags”. Come on!


I drove two different versions of this car for seven years and finally said goodbye for good in 2008. This particular car saved me from dying . . .or it was very unsafe. It depends on how you look at it.

I almost forgot!!!

I VOTED! ~ for the first time ~ & Obama won!

maegan, pep, 2008, peace out

Peace out 2008!

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