Fashion Questions: Answered

Q: from The Masters
this is kind of silly…but if your entire closet was to be wiped out and you could only save one outfit what one would it be?

A: This is such a hard one for me because I consider my closet’s contents a collection that began in my early twenties. But I suppose I will go with the vintage 60′s dress I altered and wore to my wedding reception including my grandma’s leopard coat and my MJ shoes.

I wish I had before shots of this dress. I was looking for the perfect vintage 60′s dress …and I found this …and it still had the original tag on it from the 60′s! It was brand new and it was $60!!! The sequined top came up much higher so I removed the ivory velvet bow …slit the sequins down, re-added the bow and turned it into a mini bubble dress. These aren’t the BEST photos ever but they’re all I have really. I may have to recreate this look …less tan too :)

Q: from Rachel
What pair of shoes are your most favorite?

A: I’d like to say my Louboutin’s but I’m going with my Marc by Marc Jacobs gold peep toes that I wore to my wedding reception party.

marc by marc jacobs, marc jacobs gold peep toes, mj

Q: from Lovebird
Your handbag picks for the season, maybe your top 3?

A: I haven’t really been on the hunt for handbags because I still like mine …but trends I’m seeing include longer straps, messenger bags and smaller bags but I’m also still seeing a squatier hobo in the mix {much like my MJ bag}. I have to say that I am drooling over all the Givenchy bags right now …they are to die for …but way too $$$.

Q: from BeeHappy
What if you could only wear one color? What color would it be?

A: Probably Black.

Q: from freeTEYme
what are your top 3 must have fashion items?

A: A great pair of jeans that can go from casual to dressy {and not only fit great but FEEL great too}, a great fitting blazer {any color}, and a basic versatile dress {that could be worn alone, with the blazer and/or over the jeans, with sandals for day and heels for night and still look totally appropriate. {and lots of accessories~!}

Q: from Ciao, Chessa!
Where do you get the most inspiration from for your wildly creative and exciting style?

A: This is such a fun question! I really get inspiration from everywhere. People walking down the street, old movies {this is a big one!}, magazines, decor & design, architecture, furniture, everyday objects …really, everywhere. But usually, it’s not the most obvious that I recognize. For instance, when I watch a movie, many times I am not following the plot at all because I am so taken by every other detail surrounding and that is what interests me more.

Q: from Paulistanangelena
Who are your biggest fashion influences? What’s you favorite piece of clothing? Jewelry?

A: I think my ultimate fashion influence was my grandma. I have many pieces from her wardrobe that are in constant rotation. I only wish we wore the same shoe size!!!

Right now my favorite item of clothing is a faux leopard jacket my grandma made in the 60′s {see first photo}

My favorite pieces of jewelry are my engagement & wedding rings, my grandma’s wedding ring and a vintage necklace from the 60′s that was also my grandma’s.

wedding rings, engagement rings, custom bands, diamond rings, pink morganite, pave diamonds, cushion cut
from left: my engagement ring {I custom designed this with jewelry designer Cynthia Wolff who also designed Britney Spears’ wedding ring} …it’s a 3K pink Morganite {pinker in person}, cushion cut, set in platinum with micro-pave diamonds surrounding …they are not chips, they are full diamonds, 2. My wedding band: also made by Cynthia …micro pave diamonds set in platinum, 3. My grandma’s wedding band: pave diamonds set in white gold. This ring used to have some yellow gold ribbons along the edges but I had a jeweler remove them.

vintage necklace, vintage jewelry, sarah cov
missing a few stones.

vintage necklace, vintage jewelry, sarah cov
our wedding day …almost in tears, looking at the hus …grandma’s vintage necklace {fake eyelashes :) }

Q: from Tanya @ Captivate Me
Wondering where your top 3 places are for great finds?

A: Great question but hard to answer as I said before, my closet is like a collection of finds that I’ve been gathering for some time now. When I see something awesome, I buy it, whether it’s in season/fashion or not. If it’s spectacular or classically timeless, then it must be had and sometimes I won’t wear an item for a year or more.
For staples I usually go to Nordstrom/Bloomingdales/Forever 21 and mostly, I shop online. My size doesn’t change so I usually don’t have to try things on at this point, especially basics. Everything else is a combo of random boutiques, vintage and thrift shops and on occasion, a flea market {Fairfax/Melrose} but often, these places are overpriced but less labor intensive.

Q: from Meghan
Who is your photgrapher (other than the Imac) and what sort of camera do you use? Have you ever considered professionally modeling?

A: I am my own photographer! I asked my husband to assist once but he just made me giggle and I ended up looking completely goofy in every shot so I do it myself. At the moment I am just using a Canon Elph &/or Powershot which I just set to custom shoot 3 in a row, set it anywhere I can, run to position and snap, snap, snap. It becomes quite a workout for my Playing Dress Up posts when I’m running or crawling back and forth every 15 seconds…lol. I’m thinking about asking for a fab camera with a remote and tripod for my birthday in June just to make it easier and learn a thing or two about photography.

I have done a little modeling in my past …for a bridal company. I did some catalogs for them and two psuedo-fashion shows for them. {below are some polaroids I got to keep from the shoots}

vintage necklace, vintage jewelry, sarah cov

…but mostly, I’m not super skinny or super tall so it was never something I thought about pursuing realistically.

Q: from Bianca @ Isn’t she pretty in pink
I’d love to know when you became such a fashionista. Were you like that when you were little?

A: Actually, yes! Again, it could have started with my grandma but I think even before that my mom would make many of my clothes, especially dresses for special occasions {mostly because then, fabric was cheaper than buying a dress and that’s all we could afford} and allow me to give my input on how I wanted it to look. Also, it must be noted that I did not wear pants until probably fourth grade! I’ve always been muscular and had a bubble but and pants always just felt horrible on so it was dresses all the way …and only spinning dresses :)

I also remember sketching dresses when I was a kid and within a couple years I would actually see a very similar dress that I had sketched come to life! It would blow me away when I saw someone on tv wearing something that I had drawn two years prior! And that’s when I started thinking about being a fashion designer.

{I have those sketches somewhere …I just need to find them!!!}

Q: from Anonymous {MW}
I am leaving on Friday for Cancun Mexico for my best friends wedding. Other than swimsuits and a dress for the wedding, what would you recommend as essential items to take on a vacation?

A: Well, let me start by saying that I usually pack way too much and this is because I never know how I’m going to be feeling which directly affects what I’m going to be wearing {this is another reason why I can’t prepare outfits for work prior …it’s all last minute} However, I TRY to pack very versatile items that can be worn in different ways …for instance, a loose T-shirt can be worn as a cover-up for a bikini but also belted and paired with shorts and gladiators for dinner. …something like that.

Mexico is awesome but it’s very hot and very sticky usually so you don’t really want anything thick that will stick to you. For instance, I wouldn’t bring my J brand Skinny jeans because they’re fairly thick denim and they’re tight …and that just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I would stick to airy dresses and/or tops, maybe one pair of more casual, boyfriend style jeans, a light and loose cardigan …stuff you can layer if it gets chilly but remove if it gets hot. Don’t forget sunglasses!

What I sometimes forget is how fun shopping while on vacation is …unless you’re on a tight budget, you may find some really great and really reasonable one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your wardrobe. I try to remember this while packing as to not overdo it …but that doesn’t always work! {hope this helps :) }

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