* My Ever Patient Husband *

husband carrying my bag

As I was going through my recently uploaded outfit shots, this one of my husband just made me giggle …mostly because, he’s carrying my bag …like it’s his bag. But also because of the face he’s making …quietly saying “come on already I just want to be done”.

The husband takes my outfit shots now/again my bro was my photographer for a while …but since the husband has no desire to be a photographer, I set up the shot and adjust my settings on my camera while he is my stand in. Then I make him stand exactly where I was standing, show him the previous few shots I took of him so he knows what I want the background to look like, and then we proceed. He’s not a huge fan of this process, especially because I’m a ridiculously insane perfectionist and bark orders at him …but he does it for me, patiently, three days a week.

…I love him so much, it’s ridic.

My husband is a sports-watching, video-game-playing, comic-book-reading, writer-nerd …and he dresses accordingly 😉 He is wearing a Mass Effect T-shirt, Marc Ecko shorts, one of his 100 pairs of Adidas shell-toes, and Ferragamo square aviators. We don’t always agree on fashion but do allow each other to dress as we choose …though we do ALWAYS tend to agree on expensive sunglasses. 🙂



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