Cool DIY Leather Feather Key Fob

leather keyfob feathers

I’ve been rather uninspired as far as DIYs are concerned lately …or maybe I’m just not in the mood to make things. Regardless, I’m not worried, creative inspiration is sometimes overflowing in some areas of my life and lacking in others. Eventually though, energy shifts and the opposite is the case. But the other day I decided I wanted a leather feather on my key chain …so I made one, well 2 actually. Here’s how…

DIY leather feather keyfob materials

* Leather
* Beading pliers
* Scissors
* Bead Reamer {or hole maker. you may use a eyelet if you are so inclined & skilled in leather making}
* Chain {you could also make a necklace just using the chain/leather}
* Key Ring {you may not need a separate one if you can use one you already have}


DIY leather feather keyfob 1

* Using your scissors, cut two leaf shapes from your leather.

DIY leather feather keyfob 2

* On one side, and in an upward motion, carefully cut slits to resemble a feather.

DIY leather feather keyfob 3

* Vary your slices to resemble a feather. Cut in opposite directions and/or remove a few sections.

DIY leather feather keyfob 4

* Using your bead reamer, create a hole at the top of your feathers.

* If your leather is stiff, massage it in your hands by bending it in different directions.

DIY leather feather keyfob 5

* Using your pliers, open your chain link and remove a section.

DIY leather feather keyfob 6

* Slide your link through the hole and clamp tightly.

DIY leather feather keyfob 7

* Using another open link, join the chain to your key ring.

DIY leather feather keyfob 8

* Add your second feather to the end of the chain or use only one feather if you choose.


Leather Feather keyfob

leather feather keyfob on key ring

Have Fun!

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