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jeans-blouse-sweater-bag- boots

What I’m Wearing
* Jigsaw London Fine Alpaca V Neck Sweater in purple {courtesy of Jigsaw London} and ON SALE! I am so in love with their clothes, it’s not even funny.
* Vintage paisley blouse with tie {a recent Salvation Army find}
* Rich & Skinny Easy Money Lira jeans
* Rosegold gray ankle boots {still my favorite boots at the moment} I got them last season
* Simple hoop earrings and dirty-messy hair, Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses
* Woven leather black bag also from Jigsaw London

* Title: lyrics from Doobie Brothers & Michael McDonald – Takin’ It To The Streets. …seriously, I can’t hear this song OR Michael McDonald’s voice for that matter, without thinking of my mom… SHE IS IN LOVE WITH HIM and has been my entire life. lol. It’s playing right now on my itunes radio and cracking me up!! {but it also reminds me of The 40 Year Old Virgin now too}

This was a comfy & casual, yet pulled together look I wore to the gallery last week. And while it’s not uber original, I love the sort of, muted-but-bright color scheme. I must admit though, that it looked better in person. I’m not sure why some outfits just don’t photograph as well as others or why some add lbs that you don’t see in the mirror {though a sweater OVER a blouse or shirt is bound to be a little bulky} but regardless, I still liked it. I really love this purple v-neck sweater though and can’t wait to wear it sans blouse.

Sometimes though, I’m just not really into being a “model”. Sometimes I just want to be done with it. In this case, I was in a rush and forgot to look in the mirror when I got home before we started to shoot. If I had been a little more patient, I would have noticed that I needed to fix my blouse, which was hanging just a little too long out from the bottom of my sweater. And though it sounds like I’m making a bunch of excuses and apologies for this outfit post, I’m just thinking out loud really. But I will leave you with this: never NEVER underestimate the power of a perfect pose to make an outfit & body look its best. That’s my tip of the day, lol.

jeans and a sweater and boots- black bag

walking away-jeans -butt-butt in jeans-hair

~ It started raining and I kind of love how the camera captured the rain drops! ~

sweater over a blouse -jeans- rain-black bag-sunglasses

boots and bag and hands

rainy day fall outfit - deep plum  sweater-jeans-gray boots

Happy Thursday!

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