Vintage Nail Art ~ Water Decals

raemon becca vintage nail art  decals

I’ve had these Raemon Becca “Toucons” nail decals and glitter gold polish since the 80’s. In fact, I just looked at the back of the little envelope and it says: Beverly Hills 1982 – (I was 6). I’m not even kidding. AND, I think they were hand-me-downs at that. Like someone was cleaning out their bathroom or something and I ended up with them. I cannot remember who gave them to me or where I got them but for some reason, over the years, I could just not bring myself to throw them away — even though the nail polish is no longer usable. When I was young, I only liked one of the birds, which is why I have so many Toucans left.

So I thought I’d see if they still worked…

Sephora and Chanel Nail Polish

For a base coat I used Sephora by OPI “Chestnuts About You” x 2.

Since I’m 99% sure I’m the only person with random vintage nail decals {though I just did a quick search and found an Ebay seller with a few pages of vintage Becca Nail Art Decals for sale}, I’ll just do a quick little DIY summary because it’s probably still the same technique to applying water nail decals.

Grab scissors, tweezers and a small bowl of warm-ish water. Cut your decal out and submerge into the water for a minute or so. Using tweezers, grab the end of your decal and with your fingers, carefully push the decal away from the paper and lay it on your nail, smoothing it out carefully with your fingers. Since my decals are ancient, the adhesive wasn’t its best so I immediately used my Chanel extreme brilliance top coat to seal the decal in place.

applying water nail decals
diy nail art decals diy nail art water decals raemon becca
diy nail art water decals raemon becca   diy nail art water decals raemon becca
raemon becca vintage nail art  decals-bird nail decals  nail art

nails-vintage nail decals

Since my nails are tiny and a full bird will only fit on my thumb, I cut one decal in half and used a single leaf on one ring finger and a part of a bird on the other. {note: this Sephora OPI polish looks much cleaner in reality than in these photos}

vintage  toucan nail  decals- raemon becca

Have Fun!

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