It’s Going to SPACE! Could you give it a SECOND to get back from SPACE?

NOTE: Language may not be appropriate for work and/or children

Every time I begin to get frustrated about my phone cutting out on a call, a YouTube video or show on Netflix pausing to buffer while I’m in the middle of watching it, or even waiting for a web site or blog to load, I think of this bit by Louis CK from his 2011 Stand Up, Hilarious. It makes me giggle to myself, then I calm the F down because it will literally take just one more second of my patience for whatever I’m waiting for to return from its journey from space.

And speaking of blog load time {Oh, Hello segue ;} I know my blog loads slowly. In fact, I am on a constant mission to get it to load faster, yet it rarely ever does. I think part of the problem lies in my immense amount of images, which I try to save at the lowest possible resolution and size, yet still lag load time to a snail’s pace. I think another reason for slow load time is that I use Blogger’s platform, which you’d think would be the fastest of all considering it’s actually Google, but I’m probably using some old template from 2005 that isn’t compatible anymore and is just confusing matters. I’m too terrified of the headache that may come with making the move to wordpress and getting my own server {if that would even help?} and actually hiring someone to redesign my blog {yes, I still do all of this on my own}. But yeah, it even annoys me and it’s my blog. Sometimes when it’s not loading in ONE SECOND, I hit refresh, and then refresh again, which occasionally speeds things up, but mostly I just have to wait one more second for it to get back from space.

In other technical blogging news: It has been brought to my attention recently that only a partial feed of my posts displays in readers, which is strange because I have it set to “full”. But I don’t use a reader, so how could I know such things? Anywho, I don’t want to have to click a hundred times to finally get to my destination either, so I understand that it’s annoying. Please note that I’m not doing it on purpose. But if you find this to be in an issue, you can toss me off your reader and subscribe via email {see up there at the top of this gray sidebar to your right, where it says 20k lovers?} All you have to do is enter your email address there, hit submit, go to your email and verify that you did it and voila! posts IN FULL delivered directly to your inbox. I know we all get overloaded with emails, but do you know what full posts in your inbox means? No wait for blog load time. No ads to distract you. And no clicking to get to your final destination. Yep, you can see the entire post in an email window. However, videos {like the one above} do not show up in emails, so if that’s the case, you would have to click the title of the post in your email to watch it on my blog. Also, if you’d like to comment on a post, you’d have to click to the post on my blog as well to do so.

And speaking of comments, I may have mentioned this the other day, or you may have noticed that I’ve disabled blogger comments on most posts due to the negativity I receive on a fairly regular basis that I just don’t want to read. I’m sorry if that makes me thin-skinned or sensitive or whatever, but telling me you’re happy I can’t get pregnant because I’m dumb isn’t constructive criticism, it’s just mean. So yeah, Facebook comments only for now… but I like FB comments because I can “like” and reply directly to your comment, so that’s nice.

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and email if you have a question for me or just want to chat.

And just one last thing… I seem to be annoying a few people by posting my Babble article teasers here. Sometimes I think there is this strange assumption that I’m constantly trying to trick you into giving me more clicks and pageviews. This is really not the case. I promise you. What I write for Babble, I would write here… I just do it there now because they pay me to do so. And under contract, I can’t very well post the same thing here that I post there, because why on earth would they pay me to do that? But in the event that you may be interested in reading what I wrote over there, and my assumption is that you’re not waiting in the Babble Beauty section for my posts to pop up, I let you know about them here, with a link to the post, {usually in addition to my regular blog posts} which you can choose to click and read, or not. If you subscribe via email, the same link that pops up in the post on my blog, pops up there so you can go directly to Babble from the email without stopping at my blog first.

Thanks for reading, as always 😉

Happy Friday Lovecats!


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