DIY Beaded Lace Bracelet Cuffs

DIY BLack Lace Beaded Bracelet-feature-leopard

I actually really love this. I love it because it’s not only ridiculously easy to make, but it’s pretty, versatile, and you can wear it alone as a bracelet, as shown here, or poking out from sleeves of a sweater {if you make two}, or even layered over the cuffs of a silk blouse. I was hoping to get those photos included here as well, but my husband photographer is in LA today and I don’t have extra hands. But maybe I’ll wear them soon with an outfit so I can show you just how fun of an accessory they can be!

What You’ll Need…

DIY BLack Lace Beaded Bracelet



DIY BLack Lace Beaded Bracelet-1

Place your applique around your wrist to determine how you want it to rest. I liked mine a bit jagged or asymmetrical, overlapping onto my hand a bit. This will also look pretty peeking out of a sweater.

Mark your determined size/fit with pins.

DIY BLack Lace Beaded Bracelet-2

Pin your frog closure in place, check to make sure it fits correctly on your wrist.

DIY BLack Lace Beaded Bracelet-3

Now simply hand-stitch it into place, hiding your thread as you sew.


And… Voila!

DIY BLack Lace Beaded Bracelet-leopard bag

DIY BLack Lace Beaded Bracelet-8

DIY BLack Lace Beaded Bracelet-4

DIY BLack Lace Beaded Bracelet-4 leopard bag


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Have Fun!

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