Breakfast or Dessert // Caramelized Banana & Gingersnap Parfaits


* By guest contributor Laney Schwartz, creator of Life is But a Dish

Are you drooling all over your computer screen too?

Like, woah. This jar of goodness is a quick and easy treat that isn’t nearly as bad for you as it looks. Technically you could have this for breakfast. I mean, it has yogurt in it. And bananas!


THE most delicious caramelized bananas on the planet. Why don’t I cook more things in sugar? Holy cooooow.

caramleized-banana-gingersnap-parfaits_-3 caramleized-banana-gingersnap-parfaits_-4

But there’s a secret sauce. Literally. You guys, this secret sauce is what puts this parfait over the top.

T-Sugars Belgian Cassonade Syrup is the ultimate way to top off this treat. It’s thick, sweet, and oh-so syrup-y.


That drip! I love the contrast in flavors and textures.

Tart yogurt, crunchy cookies, and sweet bananas with syrup. It’s the trifecta.


Go ahead. Don’t be shy.


Click through for the original recipe: Caramelized Banana & Gingersnap Parfaits


You can thank me later.



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