Girls Carrying Bunches of Flowers… in front of their face

girls carrying flowers over their face

There’s something intriguing and mysterious, yet also completely fun and carefree about these images of women, fashionably dressed in street style settings, carrying bunches of flowers in front of their faces.

It may be different women or it may be one woman, but I suppose we’ll never know considering their faces are hidden behind big bouncing blooms.

I’d like to think the photographer, Carla Coulson, took her time people watching in the streets, just waiting for a woman to happen to walk by carrying a bunch of glorious flowers in front of her face, whilst also being utterly fabulous, but I’m guessing it was the photographer’s vision to create this series and set out to do so… but no matter the story behind the images, they’re fantastic. I suppose “not-knowing” the story allows us to create our own story as viewers, which is probably what the best images and art and books all have in common. There’s a mystery and a story we can create all our own, from the perspective of the artist infused with our imagination, and I love it.

All images from the JEUNE FILLE EN FLEUR Collection by Carla Coulson Limited Edition Fine Art Prints {also available to purchase}

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girls carrying flowers over their face

girls carrying flowers over their face

girls carrying flowers over their face

girls carrying flowers over their face

girls carrying flowers over their face

Happy Monday Lovecats!

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  • Isabelle Andrews

    August 3, 2017 | Reply

    Wow! Gorgeous flowers! It seems like they are different women who the photographer occasionaly met and made took a picture. Love those big blooms and often offer such peonies to my clients for their decoration.

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